Win a handcrafted Langstroth hive, the perfect beehive for beginning beekeeping. Bespoke Beekeeping Supplies

Win a handmade Langstroth hive!

We're running a giveaway for a free handcrafted sugar pine Langstroth hive (plus a Beekeeping 101 class). Enter here and see us this week in Eugene's Good Earth Home & Garden Show for extra entries!
Beekeeping for Kids

Beekeeping for kids: Anyone, even children, can raise bees and help the environment in your garden!

When he was little, CJ Antonucci used to feed crumbs to the ants in his backyard, watching as word spread of the movable feast and more and more of the six-legged critters arrived. He’d always been fascinated by insects, he says, so it seemed like a natural next step to raise bees himself. That’s how, at 12, CJ became a young beekeeper.
How to care for a sugar pine beehive

How to care for a sugar pine beehive

Now that you have your hive, it’s time to fill it with bees! Right? Well, not yet. Although we admire your enthusiasm, it’s important to first learn just how to care for a sugar pine beehive.
Where to put your beehive: Happy home for honeybees

Where to put your beehive: Happy home for honeybees

Location, location, location: Real estate is important for people and for bees! So now that you’ve bought and prepped it, it’s time to decide where to put your beehive.

Beekeeping myths and the facts about raising bees: Backyard beekeeping // Bespoke Bee Supply

Beekeeping myths—and the truth about honeybees

Since we launched Bespoke Bee Supply, we’ve talked to a lot of people about beekeeping,
hives and honeybees. Chatting with newcomers and beeks alike is one of the best parts of our job: We get to share our passion of beekeeping for good with people from all walks of life. But the more conversations we have, the more beekeeping myths we hear.