We've redesigned our hives to reduce waste and eliminate environmentally unfriendly materials. It takes a little longer, but it's worth it.


With a clean, modern aesthetic, our hives are built with purpose for functionality. No gimmicky, frivolous features just to sell hives.


We are creatives at heart with a passion for crafting quality products. We never settle for worn-out design or lazy construction.

Everything you need to know about Wedge Langstroth bee hives for backyard beekeeping. Bespoke Bee Supply

Everything you need to know about Horizontal Langstroth bee hives for backyard beekeeping. Bespoke Bee Supply



It comes down to two big reasons: bees hate windows, and most windows are potentially harmful to the bees, their honey, and ultimately, you.

Bespoke Bee Supply is committed to making products that won’t hurt bees. It's in our foundational documents, at the top of our manifesto, flows through the bones of every hive we make. Until we find a window material that meets the following criteria, we won't be offering windows on Bespoke hives:

  • BPA- and hazardous chemical-free.
  • Safely ship across the country without breaking or warping.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Won’t affect bees or their comb space.

Not only are most hive windows made from petroleum-based plastics, which can leech into the hive, endangering the bees, their food stores, and your honey, but the process of manufacturing a window creates an incredible amount of waste.

Besides the environmental impact, most veteran beekeepers will tell you that bees simply don’t like windows. They despise the additional light on their hive when the window is opened and shut, they hate the smooth surface of the plastic.

On top of all of that, bees will tend to propolize the window, blocking the beekeeper’s view, ultimately defeating the window’s purpose.

So, for now, it’s our hope that customers appreciate our better build quality, hive designs built with beekeepers’ and entomologists’ input and improvements, and an environmental focus that other beekeeping suppliers can only pretend to match.  


If our rabbet joint were a person, it would be the blue-collar, hard-working joint that never misses a day of work and never forgets its children’s birthdays. In every way that counts to bees, honey, and the colony’s health – strength of bond, longevity, and protecting what’s inside – the rabbet joint is every bit the equal of its fancier cousins. Often, it’s better.

For instance, rabbet joints require fewer manufacturing processes and produce less waste. Finger joints can produce pounds and pounds of unnecessary wood dust, dust that many of our competitors throw in the trash to be shipped to the landfill. It’s a whole lot of extra waste and more cost to you, the customer, for what’s ultimately an aesthetic choice – a joint that your bees couldn’t care less about.

What about strength? Finger joints are sometimes evangelized as the strongest. In specific instances, they can be stronger (when using glue instead of screws as a bond, for instance). While using only stainless steel screws as fasteners, the rabbet joint is just as strong and in many cases stronger than finger joints.

Besides strength of bond, consider also the longevity of your colony. With an outdoor product like a hive, a finger-jointed box exposes almost twice as much end-grain as a rabbeted joint. End-grain is the most susceptible part of the wood, and when exposed to the elements, is more likely swell, crack, and breakdown and fail.

For those reasons, and to keep prices down, we’re going with the good ol’ reliable rabbeted joint.


In our conversations with beekeepers, one of the most repeated requests was for a solution that offers the water-shedding benefits of the peaked roof and the utilitarianism of the aluminum outer cover?

After dozens of attempts, and with the help of an entomologist, we developed a solution to those problems… and more! We’re proud to be the only beekeeping supplier to offer The Wedge Roof.

Traditionally, outer covers are made with aluminum, which isn’t the most environmentally friendly or sustainable addition to a hive. The Wedge Roof allows beekeepers to take advantage of the best aspects of a traditional outer cover and a peaked roof, all while meeting strict environmental standards and adding aesthetic value.

The Wedge Roof is made entirely of FSC certified Sugar Pine and nests on top of the inner cover to hold everything securely in place. It is sloped enough to shed rain and snow and is flat enough to allow beekeepers to easily place a block on top or strap it down in the winter.

It’s the best of both worlds, and you’ll find it only at Bespoke Bee Supply. Click here to buy your own Wedge hive!