100% Pure Natural Tung Oil Made for Beehives


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Built by hand, crafted with pride, each hive and box we build is made to be the most eco-friendly hive available on the market. So when it comes to protecting our woodenware from the outdoors, we recommend products that meet the same strict environmental and quality standards that goes into everything we do. 

We're proud to offer 100% pure Tung Oil for beautifying and protecting your Bespoke Bee Hive. Apply the oil using lintless cloth to form a beautiful layer of protection on your Bespoke hive.  

Pure Protection.

Our Tung Oil is made from pressing the seeds of the Tung Tree and has zero additives. There are no harsh chemicals or VOCs and is FDA approved for food contact, making it the perfect finish for your honey-producing colony.

Tung Oil dries through oxidation, not evaporation, so you can build up extra layers with multiple applications of Tung Oil for added protection. It's great for rainy climates, like ours in the Pacific Northwest.  

True to the Bespoke name, our Tung Oil is the most environmentally-friendly finish available.

Available in a 16oz. can, enough for any Bespoke Hive and stand.