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Long Hive, Big Fun

Hand-built in Portland, Oregon by our team of craftspeople, the Horizontal Langstroth Hive embodies the Bespoke name. With a focus on the health of the bees and the happiness of the keepers, we’ve designed this innovative Horizontal Langstroth Hive to combine the best aspects of Top Bar and Langstroth beekeeping to create an ultra-functional, ultra-fun hive combination.

Have you ever wanted to give Top Bar hives a try, but didn't want to make the leap to a completely different hive style and accessories? Ready to give your back a break from all the heavy lifting of Langstroth boxes? Want easier access in and out of your hive? A Horizontal Langstroth hive might be just the thing for you and your bees!

How Does a Horizontal Langstroth Hive Work?

Much like a Top Bar hive, the secret with how a Horizontal Langstroth hive works starts with, well, how it's horizontal.

Rather than stacking two Deep Langstroth Boxes one on top of the other, as in a traditional Langstroth hive, the Horizontal Langstroth is built so that the two Deep Boxes are side by side. Horizontal!

That's the brood box. Everything in the main body belongs to the bees, basically. As your hive fills out, you can add any 8-Frame super (we recommend Mediums, although Deeps will work) to allow your bees fresh frames for your honey. 


Horizontal Langstroth Hive with Two Medium Supers

As you can see in the image, you can fit two 8-Frame Medium Supers on top of the Horizontal Langstroth body. Honey produced in the supers will be excess honey your colony won't need for survival over the winter. That can be your honey. You could, were you so inclined, stack super on top of super, going up and up like you would a traditional Langstroth, but it's not recommended. 

How Many Supers Can You Fit on a Horizontal Lang?

Taking the Best of Both Hives


Top Bar Hives are well-loved by beekeepers, and for good reason – they are a joy to use. Where Langstroth & Warre hives often require lifting heavy boxes and roofs, and cracking open boxes stuck together with propolis, getting inside Top Bar hives is as simple as lifting one of its two roofs! This allows you to maintain a better picture of the health of your bees. There’s very little disruption to the colony during inspection, and best of all, no heavy lifting.


There's a reason the Langstroth hive has become the commercial beekeeping standard, and a favorite of backyard beekeepers everywhere.

  • Strong comb from full frames
  • Minimal cross-combing
  • Universal component sizes
  • Easy to replace boxes and frames
  • Separate box for honey storage
  • Vertical orientation replicates hives in nature


We took the best of both hives – the ease-of-use of a Top Bar Hive & the utilitarian function of a Langstroth Hive – to create something new: the Horizontal "Wedge" Langstroth. 

Why Buy a Bespoke Horizontal Langstroth Hive?

On top of our unparalleled build quality and top-of-the-line materials, our unique Horizontal Langstroth hive is a fun new beekeeping experience. 

  • Any Langstroth equipment you might have from other hives will work with our Horizontal Langstroth hive. Our Horizontal Langstroth Hive conforms to the standard Langstroth dimensions (19 1/8" frame length, 9 5/8" Interior Hive Space). Any old deep frames, hive tools, and 8-Frame boxes you might have will work seamlessly with our hive! 
  • Get a taste of managing Top Bar hives with the horizontal layout. 
  • No more heavy lifting! 
  • Combine your hive with a purpose-made Horizontal Langstroth stand, and your hive will be safe and secure with the custom-built stand and its lock-in design will lift your hive to a perfect beekeeping height and keep it safe from any accidental knocks or bumps that might occur.

Experience the joy of managing a Top Bar Hive, along with the easy access and minimal disruption of the colony, and no heavy lifting, while maintaining the strong, sturdy comb that comes with Langstroth frames, and the ease of harvesting honey with stores in a separate box with a vertical orientation.  Whether you are a new beekeeper or a seasoned veteran, this hive is the perfect choice.

Innovation by Design

Instead of putting effort into designing gimmicks, like fancy joinery or ornamental windows that do very little for the bees or their keepers, we focus on the designs that matter.  It’s time we change the way we think about beekeeping. 

The Horizontal Langstroth is a large hive with a high capacity, but with clever, modular design this hive has a beginner-friendly usability. It was designed to grow with you and your bees, so you can start small and add-on with our universal components as your confidence and colony grow. Learn more about why design matters.

Handcrafted Quality

Bespoke Bee Supply is one of the only suppliers to cut and build its hives and boxes 100% in house – no guesswork about build quality, here. 

Just like all our products, the Horizontal Langstroth Hive is made solely with FSC-Certified, locally-sourced Sugar Pine, every component, every piece, every screw we put in our hives was designed to make it the most environmentally friendly hive on the market today. 
Because we designed this hive to use many of the same size and shape components as our Wedge Langstroth Hive, the manufacturing process remains the same – maintaining our strict code of environmental ethics and sustainability.

Beekeeping for Good.

We started Bespoke Bee Supply because we believe that hive makers can do better, can make better, can back their glossy marketing up with real difference-making changes. For the better.
It’s our belief that sustainability should be more than a marketing ploy. That’s why Bespoke Bee Supply builds environmental responsibility into every aspect of our business.  Learn more about our environmental commitment.


  • Made with FSC-Certified Sugar Pine
  • Our hive conforms to standard Langstroth sizes, and therefore our components are interchangeable with other industry Langstroth hives.


  • 18-Frame, Horizontal Langstroth Box
  • Two-piece, modular wedge roof
  • Two quilt boxes
  • Solid bottom board with side entrance
  • Stainless steel screws for assembly
  • Assembly instructions