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Our Langstroth box is a perfect addition to your existing hive.  Available in Medium or Deep, 8-Frame or 10-Frame, these boxes are designed and built tough.  To us, this is more than just another box.


Our products are devoid of the gimmicks like windows and fancy joints competitors use to justify higher prices. Made solely with FSC-Certified, locally-sourced Sugar Pine, every component, every piece, every screw we put into our boxes was designed to make it the most environmentally friendly hive on the market today.


At Bespoke Bee Supply, we cut and build all of our products by hand, 100% in house – no guesswork about build quality, here.  Every box is personally inspected for fit and finish before it leaves our shop floor.  We Craftspeople at heart who take pride in our work and the results speak for themselves.

Have a Langstroth hive from another brand or one you built yourself?  No problem!  Our boxes fit with any Langstroth hive components you might have laying around.  Learn more about why design matters.


We started Bespoke Bee Supply because we believe that hive makers can do better, can make better, can back their glossy marketing up with real difference-making changes. For the better.

It’s our belief that sustainability should be more than a marketing ploy. That’s why Bespoke Bee Supply builds environmental responsibility into every aspect of our business. Learn more about our environmental commitment.


  • Our boxes conform to standard Langstroth sizes, and therefore are interchangeable with other industry Langstroth hives.
  •  8-Frame: 14” wide by 19 7/8” long by 9 5/8” deep
  • 10-Frame: 16” wide by 19 7/8” long by 9 5/8” deep


  • One Langstroth box
  • Stainless steel screws for assembly
  • Assembly instructions