Mason Bee Cottage Made from FSC Pine High Quality Stuff
The Best Darn Mason Bee Cottage You'll Ever See


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There's no more fun a way to help native pollinators than by keeping Mason Bees – especially when you keep them in a Bespoke Bee Supply Mason Bee Cottage! 

Our mason bee houses are hand-made in-house by craftsmen, just like all of our honey bee hives. And just like their bigger brothers, Bespoke Bee Supply Mason Bee Cottages are all fashioned with Forest Stewardship Council lumber, resulting in the most sustainably made hives available on the market today. We sand down the everything for a nice, smooth surface for you to finish with 100% Pure Bespoke Bee Supply Tung Oil. By finishing your Mason Bee Hive, you'll increase the life of the hive and make a more beautiful home for your Bee Tenants. 

Mason Bees

Mason bees are solitary nesting bees who live in skinny tubes. Much more efficient at pollination than their Honey Bee cousins, they tend to forage in smaller areas than Honey Bees. Though they are solitary (they don't live in large colonies like Honey Bees) they are excellent house and garden guests who won't sting or make a mess. They also don't make honey, so there's very little upkeep involved with these fuzzy flower visitors. 

All of our Mason Bee Cottage are made from off-cuts we create during the careful creation of our bigger hives. In our quest to become a zero-waste facility, we set aside scraps and even dust & shavings to repurpose as insulation and other products. 


* Hand-made Mason Bee Cottages comes delivered fully built - no assembly required

* Comes with 10 Mason Bee Tubes - a perfect start to your burgeoning Mason Bee Cottage! If you'd like more tenants in your Cottage, more tubes are available here.