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For beekeepers who prefer natural methods of beekeeping, the Top Bar hive has become the go-to choice for ease of use, robust features, and fun. 

But if you're new to this funky trapezoidal hive, get excited! It's a fun new way to keep bees, and it's taking the backyard beekeeping scene by storm. Why? 

Well, some beekeepers prefer Top Bar beekeeping to Langstroth or Warre because the Top Bar Hive is designed to more closely replicate the size and shape of a hive "in the wild." 

Other beekeepers like the scalable interior (using follower boards), or the foundation-less and frame-less bars. 

But everyone who keeps bees will appreciate never having to lift an 80-pound Deep Langstroth Box filled with precious honey and grumpy bees. 

Bespoke's Unique Hive Features

  • "Wedge" roof slides off easily – no more tipping over hives with heavy, flip-top roofs. 
  • Two-piece roof allows access to either side of hive, no need to remove entire roof and disturb the whole colony at once. 
  • Purpose-built stand (sold here as a kit, or separately) raises your hive to optimal beekeeping level and provides exceptional load-bearing balance and security for your colony. 
  • Landing board gives your bees a perfect runway for coming and going. 

Why Should I Get a Top Bar Hive?

Is a Top Bar the right hive for me? 

The Top Bar Hive is the ultimate in easy hive access. It's perfect for beekeepers who want to get up close and personal with their bees. While all Top Bar Hive designs are made to give keepers tons of access to their bees, only Bespoke Bee Supply's Top Bar Hive has a two-piece roof that allows access to one side of the hive at a time, or all at once. 

It's also great for beekeepers who are tired of lifting heavy Langstroth or Warre boxes. Remember, while those deep boxes will give you tons of honey, they can weigh 80, 90, sometimes even 100 pounds! 

The trade-off for the easy access, ease of use, and cool design? Well, you won't get quite as much honey when it comes time to harvest. 

So, if your top priority when it comes to beekeeping is honey, you might be better off with Bespoke Langstroth Hive. Or, if the idea of horizontal beekeeping is intriguing, but you still want to optimize your honey harvest, maybe a Horizontal Langstroth is the way to go! 

Innovation by Design.

Instead of putting effort into designing gimmicks, like fancy joinery or ornamental windows that do very little for the bees or their keepers, we focus on the designs that matter.  It’s time we change the way we think about beekeeping. 

The Bespoke Top Bar Hive is a large hive with a high capacity, with beginner-friendly usability.  We design all of our hive to be simple and functional with a modern aesthetic. Learn more about why design matters.

Handcrafted Quality.

Bespoke Bee Supply is one of the only suppliers to cut and build its hives and boxes 100% in house – no guesswork about build quality, here. 

Just like all our products, the Bespoke Top Bar Hive is made with FSC-Certified, locally-sourced Sugar Pine every component, every piece, every screw we put in our hives was designed to make it the most environmentally friendly hive on the market today.  

Beekeeping for Good.

We started Bespoke Bee Supply because we believe that hive makers can do better, can make better, can back their glossy marketing up with real difference-making changes. For the better. 

It’s our belief that sustainability should be more than a marketing ploy. That’s why Bespoke Bee Supply builds environmental responsibility into every aspect of our business.  Learn more about our environmental commitment.


  • Hive: 43"L x 12"W x 18"H


  • Unique double wedge roof
  • Trapezoidal hive body with landing board
  • Top bars
  • Stainless steel screws for assembly
  • Assembly instructions
  • Hive stand (if selected)
  • Stainless steel screws for hive stand assembly
  • Hive stand assembly instructions